The Good-Hearted Prospector

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The Good-Hearted Prospector

Post by MojaveMaster on Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:05 pm

Name: Faith
Age: 21
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Hair: Curly black
Eyes: Deep brown
Skin: Freckled tan
Notable Features: Bisected left eyebrow, a long scar that wraps up her right arm from her elbow.
Armor/Clothes: Bounty Hunter Duster (+1 C, +5 Guns)/Pre-War Businesswear (+ Speech) or jeans and a red plaid cowboy shirt with matching leather boots
Headgear: Sunglasses and a cowboy hat
Weaponry: Cowboy repeater (+maple stock +long tube), Machete
Tag Skills: Science, Sneak, Melee
S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Strength [6], Perception [6], Endurance [3], Charisma [8(+1)], Intelligence [9], Agility [6], Luck [2]
Perks: Cherchez La Femme, Swift Learner
Traits: Small Frame
Occupation: Prospector/Scavenger
Morality: Dignitary (Level 5 Good)
Personality: An outspoken, brave, good-natured woman, Faith tries to live up to her name by being an optimistic, and inspiring woman. It’s half a front though, as she’s battered and wounded by the Wastes. She’s suave, charismatic and hyperintelligent, knowing how to use both her brains and tongue to get what she wants and for others. Generous, a bit too helpful and a tad naive, she’s still hoping to find good in the wastes even if she has to bring it herself. A natural born leader, a bit flirtatious while keeping firm to her “nerd” status due to her interest in science.


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