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The MojaveMaster's Notes

Post by MojaveMaster on Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:24 pm


Dice - 1 is epic fail, 2-5 is mild 6-10 is decent, 11-15 is good, 16-19 is great, 20 is epic win

Setting- One year prior to the events of FONV; Mojave wasteland

Game Type- Hardcore

Backstory- Rin and Faith met approximately six months ago, in which Faith was scavenging when she spotted Rin under attack by Legionnaires. She came to Rin's aid, and the pair managed to fend them off and escape. Rin decided to accompany Faith in her adventures in order to repay her, feeling obligated to the older woman. Now, they have grown a mutual bond of trust and respect towards the other.

Initiating Plot- Faith and Rin who are traveling together come across a group of bandits who are harassing Harley. They attempt to intervene and are leached upon by Harley in the aftermath.

Skill Point Earnage-

  • Level Cap- 40
    827 earnable points
    Faith- 15
    Rin- 13
    Harley- 13

Loot To Be Found-

  • Rin-

    • Combat knife
      Laser pistol (GRA)
      Weathered 10mm
      Light machine gun


    • .357 Magnum Revolver


    • Power Fist
      Caravan Shotgun
      Service Rifle

Turn System
-> Initial MojaveMaster, setting scene before you.
-> Rin does something.
-> MM informs what happens.
-> Harley does something.
-> MM informs what happens.
-> Faith does something.
-> MM informs what happens.

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